Millions of Americans participate in whitewater rafting every year. This year, with how high the water levels should be from the amount of snow received over the winter months, whitewater rafting outfitters are expecting a busy summer. This means many inexperienced rafters are going to head out on the open rivers for the first time ever.  Before you head out on the river, you should know what skill level is required for whitewater rafting.

Just like any other strenuous activity, those with heart disease should consult their doctor beforehand. Although beginner rapids are not very tough and don’t require much maneuvering, it can be exhilarating at times. More deaths from whitewater rafting accidents occur from heart attacks than actual dangerous situations where someone has fallen into the river and been injured.

The sky is the limit when it comes to skill level required. If you are doing a lower class level that is a slower run with little rapids, no experience is necessary. Many rafting outfitters will provide handicap accessible opportunities for those that want to experience whitewater rafting. Those with health disabilities should always consult their doctor before doing such an activity as whitewater rafting and take any precautions necessary in order to have a safe and enjoyable time.

If there is someone in your group that isn’t athletic or in the best shape, they will be expected to participate as much as anyone else does. This might mean doing a lower level of classification rafting to ensure that they are staying safe while rafting and not harming their body in any way. Maneuvering and paddling can be a work out for anybody, and feeling sore the following day is completely normal. Those wanting to raft the more advanced levels of rapids should be in great overall shape and have good health.

Being able to swim is helpful but many people that do not know how to swim raft every year. Every rafting company will provide their guests with proper safety equipment such as a life jacket, paddle and helmet. You are taught all of the necessary precautions to take before you begin the journey, ensuring everyone knows what to do if someone falls out of the raft or is injured during the trip.

Most importantly, everyone wants to have fun while whitewater rafting. Every trip you take will build your confidence and your skill level. It’s not something everyone is a natural at. Knowing your comfort level is going to make whitewater rafting more enjoyable for you, helping you build your skill level so you can advance to different levels of rapids.

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