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Going to Las Vegas with Your Girl friends

Las Vegas is an ideal getaway for girlfriends.

You wouldn’t have to go far to have a great time. There are several activities to keep yourselves busy with. At the strip alone, hotels and casinos fill the four-mile stretch. You can find entertainment anywhere, 24 hours a day.

Bonus for you if you love playing casino games because Vegas is the ultimate gambling arena.

Here, you are given the opportunity to break free from your everyday routine and create lasting memories with your best pals.

So what can you do while in Vegas with your girls? Here are few tips.

Las VegasSoak up the sun and get a massage.

Imagine you and your friends sipping martini by the pool, or merely feeling the sun on your skin and laughing your hearts out together.

This is a picture of relaxation at its finest and is one of the many activities you can enjoy with your girls. Another is getting a spa service. Be cautious though.

You might want to go get a massage first, and not go there drunk. Nevertheless, make sure to include these two things in your itinerary.

Stay on the strip.

This is especially beneficial if it is your first time in Vegas.

Casinos are within your reach. Walking will get you to your destination. Just do not forget to put on comfortable pair of shoes.

The area is more often busy than not, that is if there was ever a time it had been quiet there. The bright lights and the friendly crowd makes you feel secured navigating the place with your feet.

Follow the buddy system.

The buddy system has been a common safety tip among travellers, which also happens to work in Vegas.

No one should be left alone anytime of the day the group is going out. For one, casinos in Las Vegas are designed to be confusing. One can easily get lost finding his way out of the gaming area.

So beforehand, divide the group into pairs. It also pays that you let someone in the group know where you are heading. With the loud noise in casinos, placing the ringers to maximum volume wouldn’t do much help.

Take part of the nightlife.

Nightclubs abound in Vegas.

Go check out bars, talk to locals and meet strangers along the way. Find out ahead of time if a certain dress code is followed. You do not want to be denied access only because your outfit doesn’t comply to the rules.

Watch your budget.

Overspending is a sin common among Vegas tourists and travellers’. Avoid committing the same; go home with your savings intact. Refrain from using your credit card when you’re there as you might only incur unnecessary charges.

Transact using cash as much as possible. Using plastics or virtual mode of payment might trick you into thinking that you still are on the budget you’re trying to keep with.

Set a gambling and shopping budget. You do not want to spend the next year or couple of months playing only free mobile casino games because you’re too broke to even roll it out on online slots.

Take rests.

While it can get so thrilling at the Sin City, note that it is essential that you be able to take adequate rest to recharge your mind and body for the busy days ahead.

You do not want to be in Vegas for a rare trip with friends, but not feeling well that you need to stay at the hotel. Take everything in moderation. Drink, gamble, let loose somehow, get crazy but not the kind of stupid you’d regret afterward.

Enjoy your trip to Vegas girls!
Gray is thankful that on her first visit to Vegas, her friends weren’t first-timers like her. It made the trip a lot easier, all she had to do was practice playing using casino mobile.

Amazing Sites You Can Visit in Las Vegas

Some are hesitant to go to Vegas because they hate gambling, nor they are interested in drinking. They just do not find the Vegas strip appealing.

But not everyone that goes to Vegas, and loved it there, are fond of casinos. They, however, made it a point to explore past the hotels and resorts. I can’t say they went off the beaten path but there are just several things that you can do outside of Vegas.

Yes, it’s easy to get stuck around pools and the gaming area, not noticing the time passed by. And next thing you know, you need to take your flight out of Vegas.

If you’re looking to go to Vegas this year or anytime soon, make it a vow to see more that the place offers more than the glitz and glamour it is always associated with.

Do try checking these places out and you might just appreciate Vegas but not as a gambling mecca it is famous for.

The Grand Canyon

Declared as a UNESCO heritage Site on October 24, 1979, and a treasure for geologists, the Grand Canyon is among the sites near Vegas that is worth visiting. The rocks are a billion years old and is continuously transforming.

There are several companies offering day trips to this place. You can also rent a car and drive by yourself which is around five to six hours.

The commute no doubt consumes a lot of time. Chances are you will not be able to stay that long at the Grand Canyon. But if you aren’t sure when you can get the chance to see this again, then the site is going to be worth an addition in your Vegas itinerary.

Boulder DamHoover Dam

Found on the Black Canyon on the Colorado River bordering Nevada and Arizona states, Hoover Dam is around an hour travel time from Las Vegas.

If you are a history buff then you will love touring this place. Aside from the scenery, day tours also include a trip to the historical collection of the hoover dam – news clippings, museum items, historic and modern photographs, information about the construction and operations of the dam.

There are also plenty of opportunities to take pictures around, although those who are afraid of heights might need to stay a little far back.

Red Canyon Rock

If you are the type who loves outdoors then you should not miss this spot in Nevada. It’s a favorite hiking and rock climbing destination.

Managed by the Bureau of Land Management and is protected as Nevada’s first National Conservation Area, the Red Canyon Rock is one of the state’s gems.

Rock formations here that date back 600 million years ago. You can arrange for a day tour, drive the loop, or rent a bike, in case you’re an experienced mountain biker.

The whole canyon is ringed by a road and you can find a parking lot where you can drop your things leave your car as you begin your hike.

Note as well that summer temperatures can however get so hot so it’s best that you go there either early or late in the day.

Lake Mead

This place is ideal to visit all year-round. With the wide array of activities that people can try while they are here, no doubt, Lake mead is a recommended stop in Vegas.

This is the Lake that Hoover Dam built, and is where three desert ecosystems meet – Sonoran, Mojave and Great Basin.

It is no longer surprising that this place attracts hikers, swimmers, wildlife photographers, fishermen and yes, even sunbathers.

If these suggestions still do not interest you, then I no longer know what does. So when you get there to Vegas, do not focus on the Strip alone. Wander and do more.

N. Gray is grateful for her friends who introduced her to other attractions in Vegas aside from hotels and casinos. Otherwise, she probably would have only checked how online roulett and other games work in land-based casinos.

5 of the Most Glamorous Off the Strip Las Vegas Resorts

When you think of Las Vegas, you likely think of the world famous Strip, but did you know that there are many luxury resorts off the Strip that offer great value hotel rates?

A true Vegas secret is that there are actually incredibly glamorous and luxurious casino resorts located just off the Strip, where you’ll typically find much lower accommodation rates, cheaper dining options, looser slots and even more generous casino winnings.

Don’t believe us? Here are 5 of the most glamorous Las Vegas hotels off the Strip, each of which are very much worth checking in to:

  1. Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa 

Oozing modern luxe, you’ll find a contemporary yet undeniably glamorous getaway at Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa. Just a short drive from the famous Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, this off the Strip resort casino boasts phenomenal views of the Red Rock Mountains and of the Mojave Desert. And inside the casino you’ll find no shortage of entertainment options. With a huge live music venue, a bowling alley and a multiscreen cinema all onsite – this casino has all need for an unforgettable stay. 

  1. Green Valley Ranch

For old school luxury, head over to Green Valley Ranch. This very classy casino resort exudes traditional luxury and you’ll find no shortage of finishing touches here. From its lavishly decorated bedrooms to the sprawling swimming pool and grounds, this is a place to unwind and enjoy. Featuring an award winning spa and several top notch dining options, this resort is a long time favorite with locals and travelers alike. Escape from the hustle and bustle of the Strip at this tucked away desert retreat.

  1. The M Resort Spa Casino

The M Resort Spa Casino is a chic, ever trendy hotel where you’ll find no shortage of entertainment, dining and partying opportunities. Minimalistic in its décor, this is a very hip resort. Catering more to a younger crowd, locals and tourists flock to their epic pool parties in the summer months and their reasonably priced cocktails and dining options. Fun and fashionable, come here to mingle and be seen.

  1. Palms Casino Resort

For the craziest, wildest Vegas off the Strip experiences, look no further than Palms Casino Resort. Legendary for its epic nightlife, crazy party scene and celebrity appearances, Palms Casino Resort is particularly popular with the college aged scene. Guests can take their pick of several swimming pools to party it up during the day and at night they have the choice of multiple night clubs and glamorous bars. And even if you aren’t the partying type you may still want to pay this resort a visit as it hosts many celebrated restaurants, including N9NE Steakhouse and NOVE Italiano.

  1. Aliante Casino + Hotel

Located in North Las Vegas the Aliante Casino + Hotel offers a reasonably priced yet luxurious stay. Guests enjoy a gorgeous pool scene, immaculate hotel rooms, a plethora of gaming options and multiple bars to choose from. And foodies are in for a definite treat here, as there’s many restaurants onsite including a casual Mexican eatery, an all you can eat style buffet and several upscale restaurants. If you’re looking for a fantastic Vegas vacation minus the hefty price tag, be sure to consider Aliante Casino + Hotel.

Stay at one of the above glamorous off the Strip casino resorts next time you’re in town for an amazing Vegas experience. Offering affordability, fun times and of course luxury all are great picks. Enjoy!