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15 Things To Do While Traveling In Thailand

bangkokThailand is one of the most beautiful travel destinations in world if you are talking about beaches and religious temples. It boasts of pristine beaches and awe-inspiring temples and temple ruins.

There are many tourists coming in and out of the kingdom of Thailand, but there are expatriates, too — those that have decided to leave the borders of their homeland to teach English. That means travelling to Thailand is nothing to be afraid of. If you are only a few hours away from your flight, and if you do not have a list of things you want to do in Thailand, there are 15 things recommended to do while travelling around this beautiful country.

  1. Go on beach hopping.

Patong Beach, Railay Beach, Maya Bay, Hua Hin Beach, Kata Beach, Lamai Beach, Sairee Beach, and the list goes on and on. It is a home to beautiful beaches and you have to try, at least, three of them and be relaxed and amazed. Their beaches are unlike no other.

  1. Visit the Grand Palace.

Your Thailand visit wouldn’t be complete without setting your two feet on the Grand Palace. It is the home of the Thai king, the whole administrative staff of the government, and the Royal court. It boasts of beautiful architectural design from one dynasty to the other.

  1. Pay Khao San Road a visit.

If you are looking for a place to buy cheap souvenirs to bring back home or simply want to experience shopping like a local without breaking the bank, Khao San Road is a must-go-to place for you. Khao San is famously called the “center of the backpacking universe”.

  1. Eat street food.

If you have ever been eating their world famous Pad Thai in restaurants from where you are living, you will be amazed how a pad thai tastes like when it is cooked by a local right in the streets of Thailand. Aside from pad thai, there are other street food must-try.

  1. Ride a tuk tuk.

It is called by many names in many parts of the world, but it is famously called tuk tuk in Thailand. It is a vehicle used for transportation that is very Southeast asian is look and feel.

  1. Visit the King Cobra Village.

Be amazed at how entertaining these trained snakes are. It is quite scary at first glance, but the snakes there are bred in captivity to perform for tourists.

  1. Buy from the floating market.

You’ve seen this in photos and there is definitely no way that you should miss this. Hop into the boat and make your way into their canal and shop like how you would in your local market. It’s all so affordable, and there are people who are willing to cook for you after buying from the market.

  1. Go white in Wat Rong Khun.

It is privately own Buddhist temple commonly known to tourists as the White Temple. It is breathtakingly white and beautiful, and you can’t find a lot of white temples around the world.

  1. Learn Muay Thai.

There are Muay Thai camps in Thailand that you can be part of. It is quite an experience as nothing feels more authentic than learning this art from where it was originated.

  1. Go on a jungle trek.

Discover Thailand’s wildlife. Go on a trek and experience the other natural beauty they offer aside from the beaches. It’s an adventure worth trying.

  1. Eat insects.

Not everyone would give this a try, but for a full Thailand experience, pick a stick of insects and give it a chew. You will be amazed how tasty they are. It is easy to find one because it is mostly sold in the streets like a typical street food.

  1. Buy Harem pants.

Be a local. Buy Harem pants. It’s like a jogger pants for Thai people. Best part of it is how refreshing it feels when wearing it.

  1. Visit Ayutthaya.

Once a royal city, now it boasts of beautiful temple ruins. Ayutthaya is a World Heritage Site. That alone tells you that this place is a must to visit. It gives you an experience not only your eyes would be thankful but, as well as your soul.

  1. Go to Wat Arun.

Famously called as the Temple of the Dawn. It is a Buddhist Temple. If you’re lucky enough to visit it early in the morning, you will see the first light of the morning reflecting in the temple and it looks magnificent.

  1. Build a community.

Thai people are one of the most hospitable people in the world. It is not so hard to find a new friend in this country. If you want to make your Thailand experience a memorable one, it is best shared with people. Build a community – big or small. It makes you feel that Thailand is your new home.

There are a couple of hundred things you can do in Thailand. If you are going to work as one of the growing numbers of ESL teachers in the country, there is definitely no need to worry. You have a community willing to take you around and help you make your Thailand experience worth it. If you are just going around for a tour, it’s impossible that you will not enjoy every second of it. That’s how beautiful this country is.


Koh Samui Thailand – Best Hotels on the Best Beaches

The island of Koh Samui is located in the Gulf of Thailand and one of the most popular holiday destinations in the land of smiles. It is famed for its incredible scenery, warm and placid ocean, friendly locals and variety of silky white beaches. Samui is especially popular with honeymoon couples given its romantic character and a hospitality industry capitalizing on this with private pool villas hidden away from public eye. ButIt is also a destination favored by scuba, families with young children and even single travelers in search of adventure.

Theisland’s extensive choice of beaches and locations where one could book a holiday often give rise to a question not so easily answered by the first time visitor and that is, which is the best beach and the best resort on that beach for me to stay. The best way to solve this problem is to first decide on a beach and location, because all have different characteristics and where you stay could be the difference between a good and really great island experience. Once you have this solved, deciding on a hotel becomes much easier. If you are thinking about visiting this island, I suggest contacting local businesses like www.hotelsphuket.travel who have all the knowledge and experience to assist you with detailed  information about Koh Samui. In the meantime, let me give you a short run-down.


Chaweng is the island’s most popular beach and therefore also the most touristy. The beach is long and flat which makes it safe for swimming and it also offers some exiting water sport activities.  The atmosphere is always uplifting and the area’s main road is lined with shops, markets restaurants and bars. Leading from the main road an alcove features a string of electrifying nightlife spots. If you wanted a vibrant atmosphere, Chaweng is it. But you could also find a piece of tranquility here if you stay at resorts like AkuraChura. It is a stylish place with a rustic design, very affordable and fronts its own private stretch of beach where you can relax unhindered away from noise. If you want to be a little further away from hard core activity, but still be in striking distance, a small southern section of the beach is called Chaweng Noi. It is slightly rocky, but much more tranquil. Bhundhari Resort Samui is popular in this area and offers awesome views.


Lamai is Chaweng’s southern cousin. It is the second longest after Chaweng and my personal favourite. It is slightly less busy and during the day even a little sleepy, but still have an active nightlife, loads of really cool restaurants and bars and the beach is stunning offering enough recreational activity. At night flaming torches light the way along the beach and resorts and restaurants put out soft cushions on the sand surrounded by small lanterns which creates a charming atmosphere in which to enjoy a meal or a drink with friends. If you want good value for your money in Lamai, check out resorts like The Renaissance which offer beachfront pool villas and lots of personal space and privacy. If you want the best of both worlds the 5 star Banyan Tree Resort is located on a private beach right where Chaweng and Lamai meets. My favourite in Lamai is Le Meridien which is very private and romantic and also offers villas with private pools.

Choeng Mon

If you want cheap accommodation you are probably not going to find it in Choeng Mon. But even if your hotel is not located here you might want to spend a portion of your beach time on this pristine stretch of sand. It is very laid back, has super views, feature mostly luxury hotels and feels cozy and intimate. The area is quite exclusive so it does not have any nightlife apart from a number of really good restaurants and trendy bars. However, Chaweng is just a 10 minute drive away should you develop a need for action. As mention, cheap hotels do not really feature hereand some of the most popular are the Six Senses and Sala Resort and Spa.


If you fancy a get away from it all island vacation, some solitude, privacy and romance, try out the western sunset side of the island on TalingNgam Beach. The views from here are glorious and the sunsets over the Gulf of Thailand spectacular. There is a reason this part of Samui is referred to as the virgin coast. You are not going to be drowned in large crowds or be bothered by noise, but rather be wrapped in tranquility and surrounded by pristine exotic nature. The area does not have nightlife and not many high-end restaurants to talk of, but the resorts in the area take care of all that with every conceivable amenity at your disposal. The most recommended places to stay here include Elements Boutique Resort, The Inter Continental and the aptly called Sunset Beach Resort.

In Conclusion

Samui has countless beaches, bays and quiet coves and discussing them all would require writing a book. There are still places like Hanuman Bay, conveniently located between Choeng Mon and Chaweng which feature the popular and romantic Akaryn Resort, Maenamh and Bophut Beach, but I will write you another story about them.

The post was by George, a travel consultant at a locally based hotel accommodation booking business. He regularly shares information and experience which will hopefully help visitors make informed decisions about their trip to Thailand.