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How to do Disney – Whatever Your Budget!

It’s no surprise that kids want to go to Disney land – characters coming to life, spectacular shows and rides and attractions that make you feel as though you’re a part of it. All parents want to make their kids dreams a reality, so we’ve looked into how you can ‘do’ Disney Land on a limited budget – conserving your funds best in the best possible way.

There are several strategies that can be put in place – many people don’t really understand just how much money you can save when planning holidays if you go about doing things wisely.

Seek Out Coupons

With many coupon sites available such as, you can do Disney Land cheaper if you make use of these. Some offer free ticket admissions to the park with your stay, but do have the requirement of staying for a set amount of days. If it fits your itinerary, make use of it!

Consider A Multi-Day Pass

When it comes to purchasing pass tickets, generally, the longer you stay, the cheaper it gets, so do consider staying longer in one area rather than moving around to cut costs.

Depending on your budget, this could mean forgoing other attractions however such as Universal Studios, SeaWorld, as well as the Kennedy Space Center. But look out for passes and coupons for these attractions too!

Make Use Of Free Transportation

Almost all main hotels will have DTS (Disney Transport System) in place to take you from the hotel to the theme park, so make sure that you are making good use of these.

They can easily save you money over the course of your trip.

Go During Low Season

The low season in Disney Land is late August until September and then again in January, so to save money, visit during these months at a discount. There will still be a great atmosphere around these times and the weather is sill bound to be great.

Consider Free Attractions

Don’t overlook some of the free attractions that are available as well. This includes the ferry, the water-borne floats of the Electrical Water Pageant between 9 and 10:40 pm nightly as well as the monorail.

These are great attractions for the whole family and won’t put a dint in your budget.

Consider The Disney Dining Plan

If you’d prefer not to dine in fast food restaurants the entire trip, consider a Disney Dining Plan. There are several plans available – you can choose the one most suited to your budget and needs. There is plenty more information on this here.

Know The Hotel Perks

While staying in the Disney-run hotels in Florida will cost you more than some of the cheaper hotels around the vicinity, they do come with some added perks that could have you recouping your costs and then some.

For example, you’ll get free parking on site and have ‘extra magic hours’ access at the parks, which can help you stretch your US dollars further if you can go during non-peak hours when the parks are open to the general public.

For the early birds or the late night owls, this can be a great option.

Above are just a few of the main ways that you can save money when you go to Disney Land. While this can initially seem like pricier vacation if you let it, it really doesn’t have to be.

Instead, seek out methods to keep your spending lower and you can easily plan a budget-friendly vacation for your family. You’re bound to have a magical time whatever the weather.

5 of the Most Glamorous Off the Strip Las Vegas Resorts

When you think of Las Vegas, you likely think of the world famous Strip, but did you know that there are many luxury resorts off the Strip that offer great value hotel rates?

A true Vegas secret is that there are actually incredibly glamorous and luxurious casino resorts located just off the Strip, where you’ll typically find much lower accommodation rates, cheaper dining options, looser slots and even more generous casino winnings.

Don’t believe us? Here are 5 of the most glamorous Las Vegas hotels off the Strip, each of which are very much worth checking in to:

  1. Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa 

Oozing modern luxe, you’ll find a contemporary yet undeniably glamorous getaway at Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa. Just a short drive from the famous Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, this off the Strip resort casino boasts phenomenal views of the Red Rock Mountains and of the Mojave Desert. And inside the casino you’ll find no shortage of entertainment options. With a huge live music venue, a bowling alley and a multiscreen cinema all onsite – this casino has all need for an unforgettable stay. 

  1. Green Valley Ranch

For old school luxury, head over to Green Valley Ranch. This very classy casino resort exudes traditional luxury and you’ll find no shortage of finishing touches here. From its lavishly decorated bedrooms to the sprawling swimming pool and grounds, this is a place to unwind and enjoy. Featuring an award winning spa and several top notch dining options, this resort is a long time favorite with locals and travelers alike. Escape from the hustle and bustle of the Strip at this tucked away desert retreat.

  1. The M Resort Spa Casino

The M Resort Spa Casino is a chic, ever trendy hotel where you’ll find no shortage of entertainment, dining and partying opportunities. Minimalistic in its décor, this is a very hip resort. Catering more to a younger crowd, locals and tourists flock to their epic pool parties in the summer months and their reasonably priced cocktails and dining options. Fun and fashionable, come here to mingle and be seen.

  1. Palms Casino Resort

For the craziest, wildest Vegas off the Strip experiences, look no further than Palms Casino Resort. Legendary for its epic nightlife, crazy party scene and celebrity appearances, Palms Casino Resort is particularly popular with the college aged scene. Guests can take their pick of several swimming pools to party it up during the day and at night they have the choice of multiple night clubs and glamorous bars. And even if you aren’t the partying type you may still want to pay this resort a visit as it hosts many celebrated restaurants, including N9NE Steakhouse and NOVE Italiano.

  1. Aliante Casino + Hotel

Located in North Las Vegas the Aliante Casino + Hotel offers a reasonably priced yet luxurious stay. Guests enjoy a gorgeous pool scene, immaculate hotel rooms, a plethora of gaming options and multiple bars to choose from. And foodies are in for a definite treat here, as there’s many restaurants onsite including a casual Mexican eatery, an all you can eat style buffet and several upscale restaurants. If you’re looking for a fantastic Vegas vacation minus the hefty price tag, be sure to consider Aliante Casino + Hotel.

Stay at one of the above glamorous off the Strip casino resorts next time you’re in town for an amazing Vegas experience. Offering affordability, fun times and of course luxury all are great picks. Enjoy!

What Skill Level is required for White Water Rafting?

Millions of Americans participate in whitewater rafting every year. This year, with how high the water levels should be from the amount of snow received over the winter months, whitewater rafting outfitters are expecting a busy summer. This means many inexperienced rafters are going to head out on the open rivers for the first time ever.  Before you head out on the river, you should know what skill level is required for whitewater rafting.

Just like any other strenuous activity, those with heart disease should consult their doctor beforehand. Although beginner rapids are not very tough and don’t require much maneuvering, it can be exhilarating at times. More deaths from whitewater rafting accidents occur from heart attacks than actual dangerous situations where someone has fallen into the river and been injured.

The sky is the limit when it comes to skill level required. If you are doing a lower class level that is a slower run with little rapids, no experience is necessary. Many rafting outfitters will provide handicap accessible opportunities for those that want to experience whitewater rafting. Those with health disabilities should always consult their doctor before doing such an activity as whitewater rafting and take any precautions necessary in order to have a safe and enjoyable time.

If there is someone in your group that isn’t athletic or in the best shape, they will be expected to participate as much as anyone else does. This might mean doing a lower level of classification rafting to ensure that they are staying safe while rafting and not harming their body in any way. Maneuvering and paddling can be a work out for anybody, and feeling sore the following day is completely normal. Those wanting to raft the more advanced levels of rapids should be in great overall shape and have good health.

Being able to swim is helpful but many people that do not know how to swim raft every year. Every rafting company will provide their guests with proper safety equipment such as a life jacket, paddle and helmet. You are taught all of the necessary precautions to take before you begin the journey, ensuring everyone knows what to do if someone falls out of the raft or is injured during the trip.

Most importantly, everyone wants to have fun while whitewater rafting. Every trip you take will build your confidence and your skill level. It’s not something everyone is a natural at. Knowing your comfort level is going to make whitewater rafting more enjoyable for you, helping you build your skill level so you can advance to different levels of rapids.

Western River Expeditions is pleased to bring you this article on the skill level required for white water rafting. If you are interested in Grand Canyon white water rafting or Idaho rafting trips, be sure to check out their website today.

Make your LA Holiday trip a dream come true

Every once in a while you would want to relax your mind. In this case, a holiday would come in handy. When you are looking for various holiday destinations, there are various factors that you ought to take into consideration. On the other hand, there are various risks that are involved. However, if you take time to scrutinize the best holiday destinations, you do not have to worry about the risks that are involved. There are various Los Angeles holiday destinations that you can be able to choose from. Nonetheless, the choice of your destination is dependent on your tastes and preferences.

There are people who go to the extent of purchasing a permanent bolt hole in the sun. Nevertheless, all this is dependent on several factors. Therefore, before you embark on the process of searching for holiday destinations in Los Angeles, there is a guide that will help to make your stay in Los Angeles worth your money. However, there are instances where people fail to take time to plan for their holiday trips and end up wasting their hard-earned cash. Because you would want to use your holiday time to unwind and get rid of your work related stress, why not pick the right holiday destination?

Since there are a lot of holiday destinations in Los Angeles, there are necessary tips that you ought to consider before you get to identify your next getaway. To begin with, when you are planning to go for holiday in Los Angeles, you ought to consider the time of the year. There are certain destinations that tend to be attractive during a specific time of the year. This is largely due to the climatic conditions. For this reason, when you get to shortlist the destinations that you intend to travel to, you ought to examine the temperature charts. This will help to ensure that your intended holiday destination will neither be too hot or too cold.

Furthermore, since going out for holiday involves the use of money, it is important to put into perspective the amount of money you intend to use. The amount of money that you intend to use will have a major impact on where you can travel to. However, there are ways that would enable you to save a great deal of cash. Hence, if you would want to save some few thousand dollars, it would be prudent to travel out of season. In addition, you can also look out for any existing discount offers that are available. In addition, you could also save on accommodation costs by looking out for a house swap.

If at all you’re planning for a family holiday, a whole new criterion comes into play. Here, you ought to plan for holiday out of the peak school holiday times. This way, you will be able to save a great deal of cash. In addition, you should also identify airlines and resort that provide facilities for children. Also, you must take into consideration the different weather conditions since there are children who might not be comfortable when they are exposed to certain weather conditions.

Facilities are another important aspect that you ought to put into consideration when you are looking out for holiday destinations in Los Angeles. If you happen to be this person who uses internet on a regular basis, you should look out for a hotel that has access to the internet. Also, you ought to inquire whether you ought carry along with you, your own iron, carry cot, a hair dryer, or a child’s car seat. Moreover, you should inquire whether the hotel will hire a vehicle to fetch you from the airport, or whether you ought to use your own means of transport. You should never assume these factors, or else you might end up being experiencing unnecessary inconveniences.

If you want to find the best holiday destinations in Los Angeles, you should seek advice from your friends, family, or colleagues. This way, you will get to know the best places as well as those terrible places they’ve ever visited based on their firsthand experience. However, ensure that you take recommendations from people whom you trust. Such recommendations will allow you to easily narrow down your choices. This simple guideline will enable you to start off your holiday on a high note. LA is one of the most sought out holiday destinations in the world, so make sure you find one of the many cheap LA flights out there before everything is booked.