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Before you embark on a Business Visit to London

Business travel to London is far different from leisure trip to the city as you have a specific purpose in mind while you are on a business travel. Not only you need to make your business travel productive but it should also be organised and economical. Given below are few tips through which you can achieve both these aims:

Visit to LondonOpting for the Right type of Accommodation

You are going to visit London for business purposes. Therefore, it would be unwise if you book a family or luxury hotel. Book only from those hotel websites that boast a good range of business hotels in the city.

While you are booking a business hotel in the city, see to it that the hotel has comforting facilities like central London location, in-house bar and restaurant, conference and meeting rooms and other such services. This will help you in saving your time in the city.

Going for Thrifty Packing

When you are travelling for business to a mega city like London, you are the thriftiest packer as you do not have your family with you. Take full advantage of this and pack only essentials as a heavy baggage will not only be inconvenient but prove costly as well (due to weight charges of airlines).

Check thoroughly all your items before packing the bag. Do make sure that all the important business and travel documents are snuggled into a plastic envelope. In addition to this, do not bury down the travel and business documents with clothes and other such things. It would be better if you keep them into a separate briefcase.

Selecting Appropriate Clothes

Pack formal clothes and do not forget to pack jacket or woollens as London weather is extremely unpredictable. Men should go for coats, tie, formal trousers and shirts whereas women should opt for knee-length skirts and coats other than formal clothes.

If there will be an informal get-together after your business meetings in the city, pack dark coloured jackets for that. However, do not stuff fancy clothing patterns.

Keeping Electrical Plug Adapters

Do not forget to put plug adapters while you are hurrying to the journey. You never know how long your business trip might take to conclude. Therefore, it would be a good idea to stock plug convertors for computer, cell phones and other gadgets which you use. If you are still confused about what plug adapters to pack, visit to get detailed information.

Maintaining a Routine while on-board

If you are a frequent business traveller to London and your journey happens to be a long one, then you should definitely frame a routine. Keep your favourite books, portable DVD players and other such leisure items into a separate bag so that you do not have to rummage through your luggage while you are on-board.

Eating and Sleeping Right

It is of prime importance that you have an optimum amount of sleep before you embark on your business trip to the city. It is often seen that many business travellers skip meals and follow a disorderly sleeping pattern due to anxiety. This practice, however, reduces your efficiency and working abilities. Stay away from unhealthy eating habits too, like gorging on junk food and having alcohol before taking a flight.

Keeping Medications at Hand

Researches have shown that one in five people catches cold within a week of flying. Therefore, it is only apt that you keep hand sanitizers and nasal sanitizers for your business travel so that you don’t catch germs while in-air.

Your business travel to London should be a productive affair not a disarrayed program. Use the tips given above and plan an organised business travel to the city.

Author’s Bio: Author Mohit is a frequent business traveller to different parts of the world. He loves passing on his advice regarding different aspects of business travelling.

Top 5 Must-See Places Of Ukraine

No passionate tourist can miss Ukraine! This country in Eastern Europe has everyone to become one of the main goal for every tourist to visit. Though tourism is not very developed in Ukraine, and  the world knows it just because of Euro 2012 and Chornobyl, this country is very beautiful and realy wonderful! Here are top 5 places you can’t miss when in Ukraine. Believe us, each of them is worth your attention.


Kyiv is the most popular city in Ukraine, the capital and the heart of this country of course. A cradle of everything Russian is beautiful and gorgeous, especially in summer. Green banks of the mighty Dnieper River, the golden domes of numerous churches, interesting architectural ensembles from baroque to modern, historical sights and museums scattered throughout the city do not leave any visitor indifferent. Kiev is in the list of 50 most interesting cities to visit from a tourist’s point of view. It attracts us not only with its architecture and culture, but also its magnificent views that open from its scenic mountains. The capital of Ukraine stands on 7 hills, which saw the thousand-year history of this country and can tell many interesting stories about it. Each of these mountains was once described by a great writer or painted by a great artist.


The Crimean peninsula is one of the most beautiful and mysterious places in Ukraine. Its highlight is not even a rich historical past, but sceneries: sea and beaches, plateaus and mountains, pine forests and cypress groves. There are motels and beach resorts, water parks and dolphinariums in Crimea. This is an excellent opportunity for outdoor activities and excursions: you can visit many menhirs and dolmens, “stone boxes” of the ancient Tauris, cultural and architectural monuments of different eras and people who inhabited Crimea, the ruins of Greek city-states, prehistoric and cave cities, and medieval fortresses as well as numerous palaces.


Lviv is a mysterious, beautiful and elegant ancient city that was known as the most “non-Soviet” city of Ukraine. The city center, which is listed as the UNESCO World Heritage, is an enigmatic mixture of different architectural styles – Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo and Modern. Lviv is one of the oldest cities in Central Europe, where the first university in Ukraine was founded. According to official written sources, Lviv was first mentioned in the XIII century. There was a strong defensive structure on a high hill above the old part of the city which was called a high castle, and only a fragment of its wall can be found today. This hill is being used as a tourist viewing platform, as it offers a panorama of the old part of the city with churches steeples rising high into the sky. There are many castles, spa resorts, ancient towns and various places of worship, 5 theaters and 12 museums in Lviv region today.


This is a city which appeared straight out of literature: an energetic, decadent, cosmopolitan cradle of humor, and not only Ukrainian one. Almost every building in the historic heart of the city is a monument of architecture. Odessa Opera House is considered one of the most beautiful buildings in Europe, and it is one of the main attractions of Odessa. Potemkin Stairs is the famous staircase in Odessa which connects the city center with its port and seaport. In 2007, the Potemkin Stairs was  called one of the most beautiful in Europe. Deribasovskaya is the main street of Odessa and a popular place for evening walks, along with the Primorsky Boulevard, where you can find the monument to Duke de Richelieu, City Council, a monument to Pushkin, Vorontsov Palace, and the Potemkin Stairs. Odessa is also the largest Black Sea port of Ukraine. The network of underground labyrinths near Odessa will also attract your attention for sure: its length is in about 2-3 thousand kilometers.


Ukrainian Carpathians are one of the cleanest parts of Ukraine. These mountains generously reward visitors with a stunning picture of natural landscapes, the beauty of coniferous forests, joy, and health. Every corner of Carpathians is original and unique. There are serpentine roads, rocky shores of mountain rivers, crystal lakes, forests and tending upwards pristine meadows. Carpathian mountains are especially attractive in winter, when all ski fans come there.

Carpathians winter is characterized by relatively mild temperatures. The lowest temperature is 10 ° -15 ° C below zero in February. The average winter temperature is -5 ° C. Snow falls in the mountains in the end of November, and its greatest number can be noticed in the end of February  and the beginning of March.

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Berlin-It never disappoints you

If you are planning to tour a top conventional city, try Berlin it never disappoints you. The populous capital city of Germany is a state of the art urban setting. The population of Berlin consists of people from all parts of the world forming a population of over 4 million. In addition, Berlin consists of party loving residents with festivals all year round and lots of scenic places to visit. On your visit to Berlin, you should not miss to catch up with a fun festival or a visit to important site.

The festival calendar of Berlin is full of events, some of these are:

New Year Festivals
– It consists of two events; The New Year Day and the New Year Run.
– In the Eve of New Year, celebrations are held to usher in the New Year, while the New Year run involves a 4 kilometer race to raise money for donations.

Maerz Music Festival
– Held between mid-March and early April, the music festival commemorates ancient art and music performance.
– The peak of the event is concerts held in different locations with the main venues being Konzerthaus and Philharmonie.

Christopher street day
– It is an event carried out every late June in remembrance of the 1969 demonstrations outside Stonewall Bar in New York.
– The fun activity include a 6 kilometer street walk starting from Karl Liebknecht street and ends at Siegessaule.
– The pride show party attracts gays, lesbians as well as straights
Berlin International Berliner (beer) festival
– It is a showcasing beer festival held in August at Strasberg Street.
– Involves display of more than 1000 beer brands from different brewers, the brands are from more than 65 countries.
– It brings together people from different parts of the world living in Berlin.
Christmas Markets
– Commences in December and consists of different market settings selling Christmas gifts and merchandise.
– The markets are mainly held in weekends and leading market places are; The Memorial Church, RathausSchoneberg and Alexanderplatz.

The leading destinations in Berlin are:

Unter den Linden Street and museum– The pre historic museum exhibits the ancient culture of the German people. The prominent site in the Unter den Linden Street homes the major buildings of Humboldt University, State Opera, Berlin Cathedral and the historical museum.

Brandenburg Gate in PariserPlatz – The land mark monument was constructed in the 1780’s and was one of the major gates to the ancient Berlin city. The PariserPlatz also houses other important buildings like Arts Academy, Adlon hotel and U.S and British Embassies.

Bahnlof Zoo train station – Houses major shopping street Ku’damm, and Prince Elector pre-historic horse riding route to hunt. The district is a leading shopping destination.

Charlottenburg Park and Palace – Houses a ceremonial palace constructed in 1700 by King Friedrich III to his wife. Visitors prefer this site since it’s strategically located next to the Schlossstrasse museum and Spree River.

In deed Berlin is a place to be; for prior arrangement of your trip, call National Express contact number.

Enjoy Coming Weekend with Budapest Landmarks


On these holidays move to central Europe and enjoy a great time in the gorgeous Hungarian city the whole world know as Budapest. The watery city is loaded with an immense number of attractions making this city a strong contender for being your choice for Cheap Weekend Breaks in Europe.

Budapest: City in a Glance

Budapest is a beautiful city settled on the banks of equally gorgeous Danube River. Budapest is known and crowned as the capital city Hungary, making it a vital city for all major activities in Hungary, activities like political, cultural, financial, commercial and many more, resulting in major development of city. So you can get assured of getting all essential amenities on your Weekend breaks in Budapest and enjoy this marvellous city at its best.

Stunning Budapest Landmarks

Zwack Unicum: Officially known as Zwack Unicum Heritage Visitors’ Centre, is a great place to visit and kill a few hours with classy activity of wine tasting. Located in Soroksari region of the city, Zwack is a place where you will get more knowledge about wines and taste as well and the most exciting thing is great discounts over purchases of wines.

Underground Railway Museum: A unique museum where you can enjoy fun ride and fun facts about the development of railway in Hungary and Europe, one of the very few underground railway museums you’ll find in the world is located in Deak Ferenc ter metro underpass and a proven way to enjoy a few hours.


Palace of Wonders: Another place where you can learn a few new things and tricks. Settled in millennium park in city, palace of wonders is a great place where you can easily kill a day while playing around and rejuvenate the inside you.

Victor Vasarely Museum: Literally a temple for art lovers and especially for the people appreciating modern paintings. Victor Vasarely Museum is settled in Szentlelek and exhibits works of great artist named Victor Vasarely, a large museum with a large number of world class paintings.

The Invisible Exhibition: An innovative place where you can know how a blind person lives his/her life. A great humanitarian idea and raising money for disabled people; The Invisible Exhibition shows you another perspective of life and gets you closer to humanity.

Czech Beer Festival – A Must Visit Event!

Czech Beer FestivalLast year I booked my air tickets and took British Airways flights to Prague from London to attend the famous Czech Beer Festival, which is being held every year ever since it was founded in 2008. I had been hearing about this renowned event from my friends, who had already been to this festival in the past years and told me about their experiences and fun moments here. For some reasons, I wasn’t able to make it to the festival either with my friends or individually. But, I somehow managed to visit Prague in 2012 to take part in the beer festival. It was a great experience indeed for me and I will be attending the Czech Beer Festival in 2013 as well.

This is a must visit event for beer lovers. I strongly recommend visiting it at least once. You will simply love attending this fantastic event and having great times here. I want to share my experiences at the Czech Beer Festival 2012 so that this may be of a great help to you in preparing beforehand your visit to Prague in the years ahead.

Prague is easy to reach from most parts of the world. There are many international airlines that providing cheap tickets. From most European cities, it takes nearly 2-3 hours to reach Prague. However, the flight duration from Asia, United States, Africa are long. Whether you are boarding your flights to Prague from Europe or other continents of the world, you’ll simply love to participate in the Czech Beer Festival year after year.

Czech Beer Festival

The Czech Beer Festival is the largest beer event in the Czech Republic. Ever since its founding in 2008, the festival has become an instant hit with the native Czech people as well as people from around the world. The people in Czech Republic drink more beer per capita than anywhere else in the world. The Czech Beer Festival 2012 was held from May 17 to June 2 at Holešovice Exhibition Center in Prague. This is the most frequented place in the city which Prague citizens love the most to be around. The holding of the Czech Beer Festival here therefore made an obvious choice for the organizers.

This was the 5th edition of Czech Beer Festival. The 17-day-long festival was indeed quite eventful with fun-filled moments. I had a gala time here. The visitors to the festival were offered a selection of the best from Czech breweries, chefs, bakers and butchers. I and scores of visitors here got a chance to taste more than 70 brands of Czech beer. The beers were of top quality and were served in glass pitchers by boys and girls donning Czech national costumes.

Czech Beer Festival

The main focus of the Czech Beer Festival on May 21 was on gay and lesbian beer fans. The festival on May 28 celebrated the burgeoning Vietnamese population in Prague. A mass reunion of Czech expatriates from across the world was the chief feature on the second weekend of the festival, from May 25 to May 27.

It was a sheer delight attending the festival. I have already booked my flight tickets in advance and would be taking flights to Prague to attend the Czech Beer Festival being held from May 16 to June 1, 2013. Don’t forget to attend this exciting and interesting festival!

Traveling to the Baltic Countries-What Can You Find There?

On the shores of the Baltic Sea between Finland and Poland, there are three Baltic republics known as Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia that have strong European ties. However, ethnically, linguistically and culturally, they are very distinguishable from the German and Scandinavian Slavic surrounding. They were latecomers in European history, as they actually came with the Hanseatic League that existed during the early thirteenth century.

What three countries could you visit?

Latvia is in between the other two Baltic States and is stretched from east to west. But this disadvantage is offset by the central position of Riga, which is envied by the other Baltic capitals. Latvia did not exist before 1919, because it comes from the collection of provinces between Estonia and Lithuania. Riga, with its 950,000 inhabitants appears to be its true capital.

Lithuania is the southernmost country that shares a part of its southern border with Poland. It is the most populous and largest of the Baltic States, it extends over 65,300 km2 and has a little less than four million inhabitants. It is more rural and has seafront than the other two Baltic States.

Estonia is further north and is the smallest of the three Baltic states with 45,000 km2 and a half million inhabitants. It is the most economically successful, probably because it is the least agricultural out of the three.

Are the Baltic countries all one state? 

They have economic and political agreements between them, but they are three independent republics. They are three countries, three cultural identities, three currencies and the border control is fairly tight between the three.

What do they have in common?

All three are united numerous ways. First, ecologically, the three countries are similar. They have green landscapes that are dotted with lakes and ponds. They are hilly with flat turns, they are often foggy, or very sunny when the spring sun outweighs the fogs of winter.

Culturally, the Baltic republics have common membership in Western Christianity, Protestant or Catholic. However, although the nature of pagan ritual still persist, as does the use of the Latin script.

They all have a mix of cultures in them, with many of them being predominantly Slavic. German in a common language, and Russian is the most studied second language. This means that if you venture far from any tourist spots then you are going to have trouble understanding the local populace unless you have a grasp of the local language.

Are there places to stay in the Baltic States?

The Baltic capitals, Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn are becoming more and more Western, offering internationally branded hotels. These are often new buildings that meet European standards and offer comfort, with modern health and cleanliness assured, and a warm atmosphere.

The crime rates are similar to most European places, except that their prisons are not as full. However, prison life is no walk in the park, as most of them are ran by military personnel who have crossed over into being prison guards.

What is so great about the Baltic Countries?

All three have a great dynamism characteristic within their history, as well as their willingness to present services at a European level, but at the same time that an irreducible originality that is not easily defined. Their charm may come from their landscapes, local cuisine and their stunning and unique heritage.

They are all liberal democracies which are now built upon a marketing economy. This means that many of their goods and services are similar to those found in the rest of Europe. All three have been expanding since 2000, however, the global economic downturn has made life harder for them, and the tourism market is not growing as quickly as they would like. All three fell into a depression in 2008, which means that your dollar will still stretch a little further in the Baltic States. That does not mean that they are still no expensive things to do and see. There is a luxury industry for fine living and cruise ship travel that you may enjoy if you feel like flashing the cash.

Some of their cities are quite modern, and people with money are treat like royalty if they go to the right cities. If you were to take a glance at some of the Baltic state cities, you would think you were looking at an industrious western European city.

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Tourist Attractions of Wales

Bordered by England in the east, the Irish Sea and Atlantic Ocean on the west, Wales is a vibrant country. A significant part of the United Kingdom, Wales is blessed with vast coastline (over 1200 km), extensive mountains forming picturesque land scenic locations. Though, its entire history has been impeded by invaders, but the Welsh spirit is still intact in its people and culture. Known for its friendly people, astonishing architecture and sophisticated environs, Wales is one of the most tourist friendly country in the UK. From high range mountains to limestone cliffs, from serene seashores and beaches to enchanting country side, this country appears as a kaleidoscope of immense cultural wealth and beauty to its visitors. However, the cuisine here is one its specialty which somehow makes it even more enjoyable. Here, we have listed some of the most popular tourist attractions of Wales which you must pay a visit to while travelling to this charming country. So what are you waiting for? Checkout various online sites, get best offers for flight tickets and get ready to explore this enchanting country.

Cardiff Castle
Situated in the Castle Quarter of Cariff, South Wales, it is a medieval castle and Victorian Gothic revival mansion. Believed to be established in late 11th century, this castle has witnessed several invaders and their reigns. This massive architecture is a major landmark of the city. The majestic and absolutely divine interiors of this castle has been credited by architect, William Burges. A visit to this magnificent castle will surely take you to the historical developments taken during the span of over 2000 years of its existence.

Oakwood Theme Park
Formerly known as Oakwood Leisure Park or Oakwood Coaster Country, this theme park is an amazing recreation centre of Wales. This theme park has numerous rides including roller coasters, thrill rides, 3D ghost rides, water slides, fun rides, and much more. Located in the Permbrokeshire, Wales this significant amusement park with so much on offer attracts over 5 millions visitors and tourists every year.

Welsh Mountain Zoo
Situated high above Colwyn Bay in the North Wales, Welsh Mountain Zoo is a heaven for wildlife lovers. Enriched with scenic views of nature and beautiful gardens all around, this zoo serves as a home for many rare and endangered species from Britain and around the world including Snow Leopards, Chimpanzees, Red Pandas and Sumatran Tigers. Also called as the Colwyn Bay Zoo, this zoological garden was established in the year 1963 and is spread over an area of 37 acres. In you are a wildlife lover, then don’t give a miss to this beautiful zoo.

Sprawling over an area of around 823 square miles, Snowdonia is a national park in the north Wales region. This beautiful park was established in the year 1951. This national park is best known for its scenic beauty, enchanting natural sites and high mountain ranges. Trekking and mountain hiking is a popular activity in this area.

St Fagans: National History Museum
Standing on the grounds of the stunning St. Fagans Castle, St. Fagans is a popular heritage attraction of Wales. In fact, displaying the real scenario of Welsh rural life, it is one of the leading open-air museums in Europe. Want to explore how early Welsh people used to live and sustain their lives? Visit this museum and relive the history. Apart from these, some other tourist places that you can visit are Wales Millennium Centre. River Severn, Liberty Stadium, Senedd, Chapter Arts Centre, National Museum Cardiff, National Botanical Garden of Wales, Cardiff Bay, Barry Island and much more.

Driving Abroad: Are You Covered?

If you are planning to drive during a trip out of the U.S., it is important to look into the local laws to determine whether or not your car insurance policy will provide you with any coverage. In many cases, a U.S. policy is not going to be transferable to a vehicle that you drive abroad. In other words, it is necessary to purchase a temporary insurance policy in order to remain compliant with all of the local laws of the country that you are visiting.

Visiting a Neighboring Country

American drivers who are planning to drive their own vehicle into Canada should be covered for any basic issues, but it is a good idea to check into the local laws for each province that you will be traveling through to ensure that your policy covers all of the necessary guidelines.

On the other hand, if you are going to Mexico, you are going to need to buy a temporary policy from a company that has been authorized to sell insurance by the Mexican government. Failure to obtain a proper policy before you cross the border can cause you to spend time in jail, so make sure that you do not leave for your trip without buying Mexican car insurance.

Traveling around the U.K.

If you are planning to go to the U.K., you will need to do more than simply learn how to drive on the opposite side of the road. Your U.S. car insurance is not going to be sufficient coverage for your rental car, so it will be necessary to buy a temporary policy. However, insurance providers in the U.K. offer a wide variety of options, so you should visit reputable insurance quote sites like to check rates for your correct amount of coverage.

For example, most drivers in the U.K. get a policy that insures them to drive a specific vehicle. In other words, the driver is the one who is actually insured instead of their automobile. If you have a traveling companion who will be doing some of the driving, you will need to disclose this information in advance to avoid legal difficulties later. After all, if the other driver is not properly insured and they get into an accident, they could end up dealing with a long list of issues such as large fines and jail time.

Getting the Best Insurance Rates

Whether you are looking for insurance locally or for a trip overseas, it is always a good idea to start your search on the Internet. You can utilize an insurance quote website to gather unbiased reviews and prices from several companies that offer temporary policies for tourists.

Regardless of which country you are planning to visit, you should always determine in advance if your American car insurance policy is sufficient to meet all of that country’s laws. If it is not, it is up to you to make sure that you take the proper steps to become compliant.

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London On A Budget

London is a beautiful and unique city that has a lot of different attractions to offer. However, in one of the most expensive cities in the world, sometimes going out and enjoying yourself can become quite pricey and can limit your options. But don’t despair; here at Party Earth we’ve got you covered and have put together a few options of inexpensive or even free things to do in Soho, Mayfair, Central London and more!

I bet the idea of spending your Friday night at the London Natural History Museum has never looked too appealing, however, it might be time to rethink it! On the last Friday of every month (excluding December), Lates with MasterCard provides a unique experience in London’s Natural History Museum. The after hours attraction features a Dinosaur gallery and unique exhibitions that change monthly. Although it is free to attend Lates, you will have to buy tickets for select exhibitions and some special events, but prices are budget friendly. Live music and food is also provided, making this a fun spot to meet up with friends and enjoy something new!

Lavish and extravagant, Harrods is known worldwide for its high-end shops, exclusive boutiques, and expensive department stores. It’s certainly not a destination where you want to open your wallet too wide (or at all), but is still worth the visit to watch in awe as shoppers drop thousands of dollars on a “couture” or “vintage” item. The ancient Egypt inspired décor and elegant seven-floor building featuring over three hundred and thirty departments, makes it a spot more than worth your time to explore. If you happen to work up an appetite from all the window-shopping, the mega-store also provides an abundance of food halls. Take a gander at their amazing selection of produce and meats, eat at the sushi bar, or stop in on one of the many eateries on the floor. Believe it or not, an hour or two can easily slip away while wandering the Harrods food halls.

If it’s nice day out, why not spend it with some friends in Hyde Park? Located in central London, the park provides visitors a peaceful oasis from the busy pace of the city around them and it’s free! There are plenty of activities that you can do once inside the park, such as swimming in the lake, boating, tennis courts, horseback riding, cycling, and plenty of room for team games like rugby, cricket, and softball. If it’s wintertime, starting in November through January, spectators can enjoy ice-skating in the park. Also, why not catch up on some London’s history and visit some of the famous buildings and monuments that Hyde Park has to offer- including the famous Achilles statue, Diana Memorial Fountain, and the Serpentine Bridge.

Lastly, be a tourist for a day and hit the triangle of plazas between Leicester Square, Trafalgar Square, and Piccadilly Circus. This is the UK’s version of America’s Times Square and one of the most fun things to do in London. Firstly, Leicester square is considered the heart of London’s entertainment district and always provides great people watching. This spot will be buzzing with tourists, theatergoers, and a variety of captivating street performers. There is truly never a dull moment at Leicester Square. Where Leicester Square is rich in entertainment, Trafalgar Square is rich in London culture and history.  One can spend the day exploring statues and sculptures that are unique and iconic to London, including the busts and plinths of the royal British forefathers and a massive fountain that lights up at night. And last but not least, rounding out the triangle of plazas is the Piccadilly Circus. A world famous traffic circle built in 1819; Piccadilly Circus connects Regent Street to Piccadilly and is a common meeting place before heading out to neighboring burrows like Chinatown or Soho. The Circus has plenty of attractions to offer that will keep cinema buffs, musical theater lovers, and shopaholics occupied for hours on end.

Daniel Hogan is a writer at Party Earth – a global media and entertainment company that publishes reviews and listings of the best social experiences around the world including: clubs in Paris, beaches in Ibiza, plazas in Rome, bars in Los Angeles, parks in New York, festivals and concerts everywhere, and more.

Things to Do In London

London is a beautiful city and an ideal holiday destination for people of all age groups. . It is home to some of the most iconic attractions in the world. Once you are in the city, there are lots for you to do. After you have had a room booked in your favourite luxury hotel, you can start discovering the beautiful city. Below are mentioned some places that you cannot afford to miss while in London.

London Eye – Taller than the Big Ben, it is amongst the most popular attractions in London, offering a splendidly beautiful view of the city. However, if you have a fear of heights, be careful, as when you reach more than 400 feet high, the 360 degree view you get can be a little perplexing.

Tower of London – Though the exterior might not be really impressive, the interior always bustles with activity. There are actually 20 towers each equally beautiful. Do not miss seeing the Imperial State Crown and the Sovereign’s Scepter with Cross.

Buckingham Palace – it is the London home of Queen Elizabeth II and is open for tours only during summers when her majesty goes out on vacation. You will get to see the State Rooms which are beautifully decorated with candelabra, chandeliers, and French and English furniture.

St Paul’s Cathedral – this is a very popular tourist attraction, and is immensely stunning. The Cathedral has the tombs of famous historical figures like the Duke of Wellington and Lord Nelson.

Westminster Abbey – this medieval church gives you glimpse of London’s far-reaching history. Make sure you visit the Poet’s Corner which is the final resting place of famous authors like Charles Dickens, Rudyard Kipling and Geoffrey Chaucer.

National Gallery – this is a must visit place for the art lovers. It has a huge collection of Western European paintings from the 13th to the 19th centuries. In this gallery you can get to see works of famous masters like da Vinci, Van Gogh, Titian, Constable and Stubbs.

Victoria and Albert Museum – This museum has beautiful artefacts up to 3000 years old from all around the world. Beautiful paintings, furniture, metalwork, sculpture and textiles are only amongst few things that you will get to see in the museum.

Madame Tussauds – here you will get to see some of the most renowned faces of the world. Shakespeare, Lady Gaga, influential figures from sport, showbiz, politics and royalty, replicas of all of them are present in the Madame Tussauds.

Natural History Museum – if you are visiting London with your children this museum is worth a visit. It has a collection of the rarest, tallest and biggest animals in the world. A 40 million year old spider, a life-sized Blue Whale and much more is in store for you in the Natural History Museum

Shopping – the shopaholics are sure to have a great time in London. The city is well-known for its famous street markets including Portobello Market, Greenwich Market and Camden market. Apart from these markets there are many famous malls, boutiques and stores from where you can purchase both branded and non-branded products.

Whether you plan to visit the city with your family, friends or your beloved, your trip to London will surely be one that will live down your memory lane for a long, long time.