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Traveling to the Baltic Countries-What Can You Find There?

On the shores of the Baltic Sea between Finland and Poland, there are three Baltic republics known as Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia that have strong European ties. However, ethnically, linguistically and culturally, they are very distinguishable from the German and ...

5 of the Most Glamorous Off the Strip Las Vegas Resorts

When you think of Las Vegas, you likely think of the world famous Strip, but did you know that there are many luxury resorts off the Strip that offer great value hotel rates? A true Vegas secret is that there are ...

Tourist Attractions of Wales

Bordered by England in the east, the Irish Sea and Atlantic Ocean on the west, Wales is a vibrant country. A significant part of the United Kingdom, Wales is blessed with vast coastline (over 1200 km), extensive mountains forming picturesque ...

London On A Budget

London is a beautiful and unique city that has a lot of different attractions to offer. However, in one of the most expensive cities in the world, sometimes going out and enjoying yourself can become quite pricey and can limit ...
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