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5 quick travel packing tips

We are all guilty for over packing when it comes to going on holiday, especially if heading away for more than a few days. If you have a multi centre holiday planned for this year or in 2014, and need to pack strategically, make sure that you read these five quick packing tips to help save you time, avoid the excess baggage fare and enjoy a stress-free trip.

Plan – Before starting to organise your bags, check your weight restrictions and luggage allowance. Lists are not for losers so write down everything that you may need. If apps are more your way, then splash out £1.99 on ‘Packing Pro’  a handy app that will prevent you from ever forgetting your toothbrush or passport again. Tell the app where you are going, how long for, who with and any weight restrictions. In return it provides a list of items to pack split into sections and with the option to email out to friends and family.

Roll and cram – Rolling is the new folding. Avoid creases and utilise all of the space in your suitcase with this tried and tested technique. Cram underwear and socks into shoes to take up wasted space and fit jewellery into any gaps. If you have a tailored piece that turn up creased, simply hang in a steamy bathroom and once damp shake out and lightly reshape.

Small toiletries – Downsize the toiletries and take only what you need. Seems pretty obvious, but invest in small cosmetic bottles and decanter only what you need. Another tip that is worth keeping in mind is starting a collection of travel-sized soaps and shampoos from hotel stays – especially if travelling hand luggage with limited liquid allowance. Also, always use a bag for toiletries – toothpaste stained trousers is never a good look.

Colour coordinate – Lay out your clothes and choose items that will work together. Not only does this ease confusion when away, but also means you won’t be lugging around clothes that you will never end up wearing. Accessories are also a great investment that can effortlessly create a new outfit. Choose a statement piece of jewellery or colorful scarf to spice up the trustworthy little black dress with ease.

Travel wash – Instead of taking the whole underwear draw, simply pack a tube of travel wash. Cut down the quantity of clothes needed by simply doing a little laundry in the sink – extremely useful if you have booked a twin centre holiday and travelling for long amounts of time.

Tips to Enjoy the Ultimate Safari Experience

South African Safaris are known to be the best when it comes to the ultimate safari experience. Many consider a safari as a lifelong dream while an African Safari can take many forms depending on the package that you choose as well as your requirements and likings. From a luxurious camping getaway to a remote escape in a bush camp, the options vary and are available to suit your taste and budget.

Here’s how you can make the safari a perfect experience.

  1. Choosing a National Park in Africa – It is estimated that South Africa has over 600 parks and reserves while you can choose one accordingly to your liking. From guided safaris to self driving experiences, you can set out and explore the great outdoors. Some of the well known parks are the Kruger National Park, the Masai Mara National Reserve, Chobe National Park, the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Etosha National Park, the Okavango Delta and the Hwange National Park etc.
  2. When you should go – It is advisable that for wildlife watching and experiencing the ultimate safari, winter is the ideal season in Africa. This is from June to September and there will be many lifeless trees and shrubs which will make it easier for you to spot the animals. Animals will also be out in the open due to the scarceness of food and water. However, if you want to see more greenery and lushness the African Summer months from December to February are ideal. You have to note however that animals might be harder to spot due to the thick overgrowth of the bushes.
  3. Choosing a Private Reserve if You May – for the ultimate luxurious safari experience, then you should choose a private reserve. If you are willing to spend some money you can enjoy a number of customized services and a luxurious camping trip with less crowds that will help you in a once in a life time experience.
  4. Making Use of a Guide – If it is your first time enjoying an African Safari then you should consider hiring a guide. There are packages that offer you guided tours and you can easily book these online. You do not have to wonder aimlessly and try hard to spot a leopard hiding far away. The guides at these National Parks have years of experience and you may be surprised as to how much you will learn from them.
  5. You can choose either to Drive or Fly – Flying to a National Park will save you time and there are local flights that will easily fit in with your itinerary. However, in Africa, outside these National Parks are a number of beautiful sights that you should not miss. Therefore, even though a drive might take your time, it will surely offer you a beautiful experience.
  6. Always Pack what you Need – Clothing, binoculars, cameras etc should all be in your list of essentials. You cannot expect the guide to provide you with these.

Melissa Welsh is a web engineer, freelance content writer and a professional blogger. She loves to explore her content writing skills in various fields such as business, SEO, health, fashion and travel. At the moment she is writing some interesting articles about self drive Namibia.

5 Visa Application Tips You Must Consider

Applying for visa and passport is a tedious job, simply because it involves long procedure and piles of paperwork. It is significant to know a few expert tips to avoid this problem and ensure the process flows seamlessly. Here are 5 important tips for every visa applicant to keep the process move along smoothly:

  • Accept the delays calmly – Losing temper won’t help here. Every official or important document is bound to delays and long process. To ensure you get your visa on time, it is important to file/submit the application far in advance. In this case, a professional travel document expert might help you meet all the requirements on time.
  • Take care of the details – Yes! This is in fact the primary step to get your visa on time. Every country follows different rules and regulation when it comes to travel documents. It is crucial to note all the significant details – required documents, timings, important notice, procedure and other related information, before applying for a visa.
  • Pay attention to deadlines – Punctuality is seen rarely, but the most important ingredient to get your work done on time. Make sure you are on time for any appointment with the embassy or consulates.
  • Avoid violations – Read the details on the website or official document of the embassy to make sure you follow the rules carefully. Violation of even a minor term could lead to the cancellation/rejection of your visa application. You will also find the details on the Brazil tourist visa agent’s website.
  • Keep track and follow up – Make sure you submit a completely filled and duly signed application, and save the receipt copy with you for future communications. This copy and other receipts will help you keep track of your application progress. A professional Brazil visa  document specialist monitors progress with the consulates and embassies and update clients on its precise status on a real time basis.

Look for only professional service providers
A travel document specialist assists you in every single process and helps in obtaining expedited visa and passport service. Their experienced staff is well trained to handle complex travel document issues.

You can find a reputed travel document specialist online. Do a proper background check, before entering into a service agreement. Read the fine prints carefully and confirm all the details and clear your doubts.

Hidden Majorca

The fabulous island of Majorca, largest of the Spanish Balearic islands, is a favourite tourist destination. It’s easy to get to, has fabulous weather and a vibrant nightlife that attracts the young and the old. But frankly, there’s more to Majorca than Magaluf, if only people would head out of the towns to explore a little more.

I’m not being critical – I’ve done the package trips to Palma, drank cocktails in Pacha till dawn, and slept off a hangover or two on the famous El Trenc beach – but a few months ago I landed on Majorca with a completely different plan, and I discovered some fabulous places along the way.

Starting with my accommodation I ditched the average three star self-catering hotel and booked independently. If you take time to research the island there are some gems of hotels that are well worth the visit. Have a look at La Residencia, for example. Admittedly it might be outside most people’s price range at around €500 per night, but then it is frequented by celebrities. Formerly owned by Richard Branson, it now belongs to the somewhat upscale and discerning Orient Express Group and staying here means you’ll be treading in the footsteps of Princess Diana, Harrison Ford and the Kind and Queen of Jordan.

But if your wallet has just gone into cardiac arrest, there are some considerably less alarming alternatives in the main towns, like the ultra modern Hotel Tres in old town Palma. Standing on its impressive roof terrace, surveying the winding streets below me, I had a glimpse back to the days when the hotel was once a 16th century palace. It’s elegant and domineering, and a far cry from the hedonism of Magaluf’s pub crawl district.

Drinking in Majorca isn’t all about happy hour, and you might not be aware that Majorca has a thriving wine industry. In fact, its wines are so highly regarded that they are very much sought after by connoisseurs. The trouble is production is so small that the island exports very little, keeping their wines a closely guarded secret. Unless you know where to look, of course. I headed to Binissalem, a region at the very heart of the island where wine growing is coming to its peak, and hunted out the José Luis Ferrer vineyards for an exclusive tasting tour of their 100 year old production. I left an hour or two later, a little more educated, and somewhat unsteady on my feet.

It’s a pity that most tourists hover around the same sandy beaches year after year, surrounded by package-holiday-makers lamenting their run down apartments and beer-swilling neighbours.  I encourage you to visit this Mediterranean gem and see it through new eyes. There’s a lot more to this pretty tract of land than is visible at first glance.

Fiona Galloway is a freelance travel writer who publishes her articles on

Berlin-It never disappoints you

If you are planning to tour a top conventional city, try Berlin it never disappoints you. The populous capital city of Germany is a state of the art urban setting. The population of Berlin consists of people from all parts of the world forming a population of over 4 million. In addition, Berlin consists of party loving residents with festivals all year round and lots of scenic places to visit. On your visit to Berlin, you should not miss to catch up with a fun festival or a visit to important site.

The festival calendar of Berlin is full of events, some of these are:

New Year Festivals
– It consists of two events; The New Year Day and the New Year Run.
– In the Eve of New Year, celebrations are held to usher in the New Year, while the New Year run involves a 4 kilometer race to raise money for donations.

Maerz Music Festival
– Held between mid-March and early April, the music festival commemorates ancient art and music performance.
– The peak of the event is concerts held in different locations with the main venues being Konzerthaus and Philharmonie.

Christopher street day
– It is an event carried out every late June in remembrance of the 1969 demonstrations outside Stonewall Bar in New York.
– The fun activity include a 6 kilometer street walk starting from Karl Liebknecht street and ends at Siegessaule.
– The pride show party attracts gays, lesbians as well as straights
Berlin International Berliner (beer) festival
– It is a showcasing beer festival held in August at Strasberg Street.
– Involves display of more than 1000 beer brands from different brewers, the brands are from more than 65 countries.
– It brings together people from different parts of the world living in Berlin.
Christmas Markets
– Commences in December and consists of different market settings selling Christmas gifts and merchandise.
– The markets are mainly held in weekends and leading market places are; The Memorial Church, RathausSchoneberg and Alexanderplatz.

The leading destinations in Berlin are:

Unter den Linden Street and museum- The pre historic museum exhibits the ancient culture of the German people. The prominent site in the Unter den Linden Street homes the major buildings of Humboldt University, State Opera, Berlin Cathedral and the historical museum.

Brandenburg Gate in PariserPlatz – The land mark monument was constructed in the 1780’s and was one of the major gates to the ancient Berlin city. The PariserPlatz also houses other important buildings like Arts Academy, Adlon hotel and U.S and British Embassies.

Bahnlof Zoo train station – Houses major shopping street Ku’damm, and Prince Elector pre-historic horse riding route to hunt. The district is a leading shopping destination.

Charlottenburg Park and Palace – Houses a ceremonial palace constructed in 1700 by King Friedrich III to his wife. Visitors prefer this site since it’s strategically located next to the Schlossstrasse museum and Spree River.

In deed Berlin is a place to be; for prior arrangement of your trip, call National Express contact number.

How to Travel Safe with your Loved Ones?

Are you planning to go abroad? Is it your first time or planning to travel with your loved ones for the first time? If that is the case, then make sure to travel safe by following all the necessary guidelines.

It is always better to keep all the instructions handy so that you will not face any issues while traveling. In case you have no idea on how to begin with, then this is the right page where you have landed up?

Know the Rules & Regulations of Visiting Country

To travel safe (travel safety tips), one needs to first be clear with all the rules and regulations of the country where you are planning to visit. In case you have no idea about the rules, you can confirm the same from few online sites.

Carry Necessary Medicines

Be ready with all the necessary local medicines and things that you are comfortable with. In case you are traveling with your kids, and then make sure you list down all the necessary items before packing out the things.

Keep The Travel Documents Ready

Keep your passport ready. Always ensure that before you apply for the visa, all the necessary details are ready with you. It might be later difficult to collect all the information on the spot.

Pack the Clothes Wisely

To avoid discomfort wear light weight dress and make sure while packing you don’t exceed the packing weight which is mentioned. An US counselor can always guide you better in all such scenarios.

Try to pack those dresses which hardly needs ironing and can get dried off easily. So that if the country you’re planning to visit has monsoon, you will not be in trouble to keep on changing the clothes.

Safeguard Your Valuables

Next things before you go to abroad is to ensure that you carry less number of valuables. It is equally important to have one more identity proof which is valid other than passport. Ensure that you keep it in a safe place and close to you so that you don’t lose it.

Travel Insurance

To travel safe, it is always better to plan and organize everything in a systematic manner. The first things you need to do is get a travel insurance done in order to enjoy a hassle free journey. In case things miss out or you lose your baggages, insurance can be helpful.

All the above mentioned tips are extremely important when it comes of travel safe. However, other than this, it is always better to consult few friends who have already visited that place before so that you can have a clear idea on what all necessary things you need to follow.

To travel safe ensure that you keep emergency money ready and handy. Don’t spend in unnecessary things. Try to do limited shopping and utilize the money more in learning the country culture.

So now that you have got all handy tips on how to travel safe, you are all set. Get ready and pack up your bags. Have a safe and memorable journey with your loved ones. Don’t forget to carry your camera to capture those lovely moments. Take care and have fun!

Enjoy Coming Weekend with Budapest Landmarks


On these holidays move to central Europe and enjoy a great time in the gorgeous Hungarian city the whole world know as Budapest. The watery city is loaded with an immense number of attractions making this city a strong contender for being your choice for Cheap Weekend Breaks in Europe.

Budapest: City in a Glance

Budapest is a beautiful city settled on the banks of equally gorgeous Danube River. Budapest is known and crowned as the capital city Hungary, making it a vital city for all major activities in Hungary, activities like political, cultural, financial, commercial and many more, resulting in major development of city. So you can get assured of getting all essential amenities on your Weekend breaks in Budapest and enjoy this marvellous city at its best.

Stunning Budapest Landmarks

Zwack Unicum: Officially known as Zwack Unicum Heritage Visitors’ Centre, is a great place to visit and kill a few hours with classy activity of wine tasting. Located in Soroksari region of the city, Zwack is a place where you will get more knowledge about wines and taste as well and the most exciting thing is great discounts over purchases of wines.

Underground Railway Museum: A unique museum where you can enjoy fun ride and fun facts about the development of railway in Hungary and Europe, one of the very few underground railway museums you’ll find in the world is located in Deak Ferenc ter metro underpass and a proven way to enjoy a few hours.


Palace of Wonders: Another place where you can learn a few new things and tricks. Settled in millennium park in city, palace of wonders is a great place where you can easily kill a day while playing around and rejuvenate the inside you.

Victor Vasarely Museum: Literally a temple for art lovers and especially for the people appreciating modern paintings. Victor Vasarely Museum is settled in Szentlelek and exhibits works of great artist named Victor Vasarely, a large museum with a large number of world class paintings.

The Invisible Exhibition: An innovative place where you can know how a blind person lives his/her life. A great humanitarian idea and raising money for disabled people; The Invisible Exhibition shows you another perspective of life and gets you closer to humanity.

2013 Atlanta Summer Road Races to Consider

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, there are plenty of opportunities to put on those running shoes and test your skills in a good ole-fashioned road race. Many races, however, have become so much more than just a start to finish event; they have become fun events for participants and watchers, alike. Atlanta is certainly in the forefront of fun and unique races for runners of all levels. Here are a few races this summer that we highly recommend checking out.

The AJC Peachtree Road Race has become an Atlanta tradition. The July 4th event has been around since 1970 and attracts runners and walkers from all around the globe.  In fact, the 10K race is the largest of its kind in the world! 60,000 runners and walkers participated in the race last year. Runners range from pure amateurs to professionals and the event even served as the USA Men’s 10K Championship in 2010. Due to such high demand, there is actually a lottery system in place to select the participants. In addition to the popularity of the actual race, every year the Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper holds an art contest in which the winner’s design is made into a highly-coveted, limited edition t-shirt. Even if you are unable to participate in the race, it certainly is a wonderful July 4th activity.

Love running and baseball? The Braves Country 4-Miler takes place on June 15th at Turner Field: home of the Atlanta Braves. Taking place on the weekend of Father’s Day, the run begins at Turner Field and ends at the Braves’ dugout after a run around the city. In addition to being able to participate in the run, registration includes a t-shirt and a ticket to that day’s 4:00 p.m. game against the San Francisco Giants. Participants also have the opportunity to participate in a pre-game parade at Turner Field. The unique event is limited to 2,000 participants.

On August 3rd, the Atlanta Police Department will be hosting their annual Atlanta’s Finest 5K race. The event begins at Pemberton Place at the World of Coca-Cola and is organized by the Atlanta Track Club. In addition to the 5K race, there is a Gumshoe Gallop 1K for children in the 7-12 range and a 100-meter Gumshoe Dash for kids six and under. Besides numerous corporate and civil leaders, over 300 area police offers participated in last year’s race. All proceeds for the event go to benefit Crime Stoppers Atlanta.

What’s a race list without mentioning a trendy color race? All the rave for amateur runners, the Run or Dye 5K race will be taking place on August 3rd. The event will kickoff at Turner Field and runners will run around the city where they will be color-blasted at several dye stations strategically located throughout the race route. While the color dye is safe and will wash out of your clothes, we don’t recommend wearing your Sunday best.  With all the colors coming your way, a bright white t-shirt is a good way to go.

For the more adventurous runners, it might be possible to run the aforementioned Atlanta’s Finest 5K run, which begins at 7:30 a.m., and the Run or Dye 5K at 9:00 a.m. If you run both, we’d certainly be impressed!

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Top Reasons to Celebrate July 4th in White County, Georgia

Every year people gather to celebrate Independence Day in their own special way.  While there are many fun ways to celebrate this monumental holiday, few places offer the variety, uniqueness, and sheer enjoyability of White County, Georgia. The increasingly popular Independence Day celebration destination offers everything from a fun-filled festival in the mountains to a spectacular fireworks show in the happening alpine village of Helen.  Let’s take a look at what White County has in store this year for their big celebration.

Unicoi State Park has developed into one of the most visited and popular parks in all of Georgia due to its spectacular beauty and array of family-friendly amenities. In addition to a wide-range of hiking trails, Unicoi State Park features a lake perfect for swimming, fishing, and canoeing. For land activities, the park also features lighted tennis courts to go along withsoftball and volleyball facilities. On July 4th, Unicoi State Park will be adding to their long list of offerings with their annual Mountain Style festival.  The event will feature a watermelon eatin’, seed spittin’ contest, sack races, a hoedown,and other family-oriented activities.

If a more bustling environment is better suited for you or if you like to combine nature and civilization, a short drive to the charming town of Helen is a wonderful option. Modeled after an alpine village, replete with cobblestone alleys, shopping, restaurants, entertainment, and old-world charm, Helen is one of the most unique, fun towns in all of the southeast. As well as the host of activities that have given the town so much fanfare, a beautiful fireworks show will be displayed at dusk on the south side of downtown Helen.

In addition to the July 4th Mountain Style festival and Helen experience, there are a couple other family-fun activities happening in White County during Independence Day. Both activities have a local touch that feature the areas’ offerings and talents. From 10 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., the Loganberry Farm Farmer’s Market will be taking place. Located in Cleveland, which is about 20 minutes from Helen, the event features the green farm’s natural offerings. The Loganberry Heritage Farm naturally grows a whole array of tasty fruits, vegetables, and herbs, while proudly doing so without the use of any artificial fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, or hormones. Additionally, using the same high standards, Loganberry Heritage Farm offers eggs, grass-fed beef, and pastured chickens. Visitors are encouraged to taste fresh and cooked samples, watch cooking demonstrations, tour the gardens, and meet the animals.

Finally, the Georgia Heritage Art Association will be showcasing the work of several regional artists from 5:00-6:30 p.m in downtown Helen. The show includes a reception and is open to the public. This event is perfect for those interested in the arts and meeting the many talented artists in the region.

While there are many attractive ways to celebrate our nation’s independence, few areas offer such a unique and diverse way to spend the day with your family as White County, Georgia.  Have a fun-filled day by starting out with a peaceful hike in Unicoi State Park, followed by some enjoyable activities at their Mountain Style festival. Sample and pick up some wholesome food at the Loganberry Farm Farmer’s Market, and then head to Helen to enjoy lunch, shopping, and the town’s famous charm. Follow that with an art show and dinner, and cap your evening with a spectacular fireworks show.  Now that’s one awesome way to spend your Independence Day!

In addition to being a great holiday destination, White County, Georgia, boasts a variety of resources for Georgia wedding spots as well as Georgia attractions.

10 Tips on How to Travel Sustainably

There are countless reasons why travel is rewarding for the voyager. However, there are also many reasons why travel is detrimental to the environment. C02 emissions from flying, increased waste, and energy consumption are just a few of these reasons. I never really considered these facts until I came across a hotel that considered itself green. I was staying in one of the downtown Victoria hotels [in BC] and noticed that the hotel in question was a participant of a “Green Key Eco Rating Program”. It made me wonder about the burden of energy abuse when it comes to travel. Luckily there are many things you can do to offset some of the less desirable impacts of travel while still making the most of your time away.

Conserve Energy At Home

Sustainability can start even before leaving your home. Take 10 minutes before you leave for the airport to walk through your home and unplug appliances that do not need to remain turned on during your time away. This includes TVs, computers, stereos, microwaves and any other appliances that drain energy even when they are not in use. As an added economic benefit, you will likely save some money on your next electrical bill!

Conserve Energy Abroad

Energy conservation should not end once you step into your hotel room. Just as you (hopefully) do at home, turn of the lights, heat/AC, and television when you leave the room. If you want to go a step further, you can unplug small appliances such as the coffee maker or even the TV when they are not in use. Hotels require large amounts of energy to function, so even small acts such as these have an impact.

Pack Lightly

Do you really need that 7th pair of shoes? Chances are you can go without them, and doing so can have a positive environmental impact. You can offset the CO2 emissions of flying by packing light. Lighter bags means a lighter plane, and therefore greater fuel efficiency. You will also save money on baggage fees!

Use Refillable Containers

Instead of stocking up on the travel-sized versions of your staple toiletries, invest in reusable containers. You can offset the waste (and the cost) incurred by purchasing travel versions of your lotions, shampoos, and ointments by filling reusable containers with a portion of the products you already own. NOTE: Ensure that the containers you get are within the size restrictions for air travel!

Reuse Your Towels and Bedding

While sometimes vacations are meant to be indulgent, there are some at-home customs that you can bring with you. Reusing the bedding and towels that are provided in your hotel room is one of them. Freshly laundered towels and sheets are fantastic, but they also require a great deal of energy (up to 8 gallons of water for one load). The fewer sheets or towels that need washing, the less energy is needed!

Bring a Reusable Water Bottle

Avoid carrying around plastic water bottles and instead bring one sturdy reusable bottle. If you are unsure if the tap water is safe where you are traveling, invest in a water bottle with a built in filtration system. Doing so will drastically cut down on waste, and like many other sustainable actions, will save you money in the long run.

Conserve Water

Being conscious to turn off the tap when brushing your teeth or shaving, and even cutting down your shower time are all effective ways to conserve water when traveling. Many developing countries face water shortages, so preserving this valuable resource should be a top priority!

Eat Locally

While you can find a McDonald’s in almost any country, opt instead to eat locally. Food that is imported requires a lot of energy and produces a lot of pollution during the transportation process. Spending money at local restaurant will boost the economy of that community, and also give you an authentic taste of the culture.

Local Transportation

Instead of renting a car or taking a taxi, consider more environmentally conscious methods of transportation while abroad. Walking, biking, or even taking public transportation are great ways to not only be a more sustainable traveler, but to experience the local culture as well.

Take Pictures not Souvenirs

Even though the local flowers are pretty and the seashells are shiny, resist temptation and leave the natural landscape as it is. Take pictures instead. They’ll last forever!

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